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Founder and CEO of SAMT Group

Hasnaa’s educational background includes an MA in Communication and Media Management from Emerson College, Boston, USA.
Having lived in other countries and travelled extensively, she has long had an interest and appreciation in understanding why different cultures approach the same situation in individual ways and this curiosity was further heightened when she volunteered as part of the 2016 US Presidential campaign.
Hasnaa is passionate about her Saudi Bedouin heritage and, with the ever-growing development in the country, is keen to fill the cultural gaps and help people of all ages and backgrounds to feel better positioned to become confident global citizens.
Her favourite motto is “Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy”.

Co-founder and COO of SAMT Group

Saria has long had a passion for seeing things done correctly, for good behaviour, and she believes that these areas complment and enhance a good education. She has a degree in Business Administration and a Sales & Marketing diploma, which ensure that she best understands the needs of our corporate clients.
Having travelled extensively and lived in different countries with assorted cultures, Saria is well-positioned to understand the value of knowing the correct way to behave in varied locations.
As a Saudi woman believing in the young generation and, in line with the 2030 vision, her goal is to assist clients to master the soft skills and techniques ofbusiness etiquette and related protocols in order to empower them to achieve the competitive edge and build confidence as they progress in the business environment.
Her motto is “respect and accept” and she likes to see this applied in both her work and social life.

Our Partners

International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London

most trusted establishment for specialist knowledge in international etiquette and protocol.
As a Mentored Partner, SAMT has a special relationship, whereby the London headquarters provides ongoing mentored support from the UK and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a variety of projects and a designated member of the team regularly visits Riyadh to ensure the partnership continues to strengthen.

The Founder of SAMT, Ms Hasnaa Aloufi, is trained and certified by International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London.

As a Diamond Consultant, she is accredited by Minding Manners. International to present licensed programmes covering International Business Etiquette, International Social Etiquette, International Youth Etiquette and International Protocol and Diplomacy across the regions of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

In London, Hasnaa is Minding Manners International’s Senior Consultant for Middle Eastern Etiquette.