Our Story

Our Symbol

(SAMT) is an Arabic word that means everything good and right; good reputation, good intention and good manners.
To solidify our claims, visions and character, we have decided to adopt the exemplary characteristics of the hummingbird, which can be identified in our symbol. No other bird on earth can fly like a hummingbird.

They can fly forward or backward, hover and even fly upside-down, so fast with super vision, we cannot see it.

In SAMT we are very dynamic, we tailor make every service based on clients’ needs and requirements. With our attention to detail, we create the difference everyone is seeking! We share the same magic, promoting public diplomacy and global citizenship


To be the leading global organization, with the aim to promote Saudi Arabia’s brand worldwide and to share her heritage and values whilst embracing the opportunities and ensuring her place in today’s ever-changing world.

Create a movement that will enhance people’s lifestyle through communication and polished manners, to directly impact the quality of living for everyone regardless of status or background.


  • Quality: Committed to the best curriculums, advanced communication methods and continuous improvement.
  • Responsibility: To convey an honorable image in international forums, conferences and events.
  • Creativity: Provision of the best solutions adapted to the precise needs of each client.
  • Excellence: To present the content and methods according to the culture of the society.


  • Building a vibrant society whose members respect different cultures and religions.
  • Sharing knowledge and globally recognized skills when communicating with VIP’s and official guests, whether in local or international events and forums.
  • Link the concepts and practices of work etiquette and public diplomacy with individual everyday behaviors.
  • Harmonization of the rules of etiquette and international protocol with the principles and fundamentals of Arab and Islamic culture.
  • Introducing savoir-vivre (The art of living) including history of art, classical music and fashion and its relevance in today’s world.